Marketing/PR That Truly Engages Your Audience & Builds Loyalty

A brand’s PR or media campaign should be ongoing, consistent and share a clear simple message that resonates with the right audience. Excite and influence them to buy for the first time and keep coming back.

Times of change like these mean people are very receptive to new ideas, products, and technical innovations, picking up new habits and spending patterns.

Long-term studies show that the best approach during economic uncertainty is to increase, not decrease, your marketing spend.

PR/Marketing Luxury Brands In Troubled Times

If you want to succeed in business, you can’t stay idle for long.

At the Excellence Group we have examined the marketing spend, success and campaigns of luxury brands and spoken directly to over 1000 companies and distilled down our research and feedback from clients into a simple guideline of best practices for marketing during the Covid pandemic.

70% of the global population is spending more time on their mobile devices consuming content during this pandemic.

Essential Future Marketing Tips For Luxury Brands


Luxury brand marketing must tap every aspect of modern communication methods. From print to digital to social.

But the essence of all good marketing is the brand narrative. As human beings, we are immensely susceptible to the power of stories. Stories are the single most powerful influence on our actions.

The stories we believe and identify with, direct the largest part of our behaviour. Any psychologist will confirm this. Get the narrative right and you connect deeply with your audience. 

Luxury Brands Need The Best Pr Agency

Every luxury brand, or company aimed at high net worth, should be employing a public relations agency to inform, inspire and influence a discerning audience.

The main thrust of public relations is the act of sharing the qualities of your company; heritage, persona, integrity, reputation, exclusivity, authenticity, product superiority and high end experience with businesses and consumers through all relevant media at a much lesser cost than advertising.