‘Bentley creates powerful, luxurious cars born of a remarkable racing heritage’

Over the past 100 years, England has seen the birth of some of the world’s most adored motor car marques. Yet none has managed to combine performance and luxury quite like Bentley.

The story began during World War 1, when a young engineer named WO. Bentley built one of the first engines for Britain’s new Royal Air Force. As the war drew to a close, he turned his attention to another invention: the automobile. In October 1919, at a workshop in New Street Mews, London, the first Bentley car engine roared into life.

The marque soon established itself as a giant of motorsport. Five victories at Le Mans during the twenties cemented Bentley’s reputation as the leading sports car maker of the day, writing the first chapter of a story that would remain central to the brand from then on.

WO. Bentley’s ambition could not be confined to the track, however. In the years that followed, he created the first true grand tourers. In his own words, he set out to build “a fast car, a good car,the best in its class”.

In 1946, the company moved to its current home in Crewe, northwest England, where the Bentley name soon became synonymous with fine handmade cars. The company acquired Mulliner, an English coach builder responsible for many early Bentley bodies. Today, the Mulliner workshop is home to Bentley’s personal commissioning department, where bespoke cars are built for Bentley customers with the most exacting requirements.

In 1998, Bentley Motors became part of VW Group. The result was an unprecedented marriage of artisan craftsmanship with some of the most advanced technology in the motor industry. The first new model to arise from this union was the Continental GT, the quintessential modern Bentley and one of the most desirable sports cars available anywhere in the world. With the four-door Flying Spur sedan and the Mulsanne, the definitive British limousine, the Bentley model line-up now represents the very pinnacle of motoring. Today, Bentley creates handmade cars for customers from New York to Shanghai. The company has come a long way in its 94-year history, earning its status as both a thoroughly British institution and a global luxury brand.

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