Culture Jamming is the latest term to come from the states. Essentially it’s a cool Californian term for engaging and creating a team spirit with your employees.
Many companies have an outward facing ethos but do little to foster that ethos within their own community.

Marketing your message out to clients and the world is one thing, but you need to have everyone on your own company rowing in the same direction and enjoying the ride.

Communication needs to be aimed inwards and be two way, with those who often know the company and its services best ,having a say in the ethos and direction of the company.

The smart way to run a company is to have everyone in company working together. This means a clear purpose that everyone understands and feels a part of.

This means a shared culture that everyone has access to and can contribute to, a real two way flow of information.

Large companies generally suffer from high staff turnover, discontent over wage differences and failures of communication between levels of management. Every company knows this and loses a lot of money because of it and yet it is not expensive to remedy.

The well being of the company depends on the health and happiness of its people, treat them as a community, communicate and listen to them.

Technology has provided us so many avenues with which to connect that no large company has any excuse for not engaging meaningfully with their workforce.

Improve the culture, improve the company.

Culture jamming at its very best is about marketing to and engaging your own people to create a happy community that are focused in the same direction, that share a common vision they agree on, feel a sense of sharing in the creation and building of something they can all be proud of.

Talented people want to work for companies that care about their well being that share the respect for a job well done and provide the opportunity to build better products and services.

The bottom line is the pursuit of happiness, put a little thought, time and money into the culture and identity of the company, the results will keep your investors, shareholders, managers, staff and the tax man very happy.